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real and fake LV

First of all, the hook opening and closing place of LV bags with hook is very dense, and there is a certain gap in the opening and closing place of fine imitation.



Second, the o of the internal standard is a circle, so the L lower cross is short, the s upper and lower inner rings are extended to a circle, and the upper and lower inner rings are small and the lower ones are large. V sharp bottom. A is wide and sharp at the top



Third, the fabric genuine grain sense edge is more moist, serrated fine imitation also has not so moist



How to Identify 1:1,orginal sample,top orginal order grade on luxury bag?

Process bench marking, authentic. The craftsmanship is lost, the core point is wrong, and the imitation is high. Fake at first glance, low imitation

Can't tell!

The current high imitation can be exactly the same as the genuine one. To be honest, manufacturing China is the originator!
And in recent years, Internet counters have also been sold together with high-end imitations. Identifying genuine and fake bags is just for psychological comfort. Just buy them at the counter. If you have a regular invoice and a regular store, you should not think that it is fake!