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Why Replica Handbags Are So Cheap

Every time I find some new replica online store that has numerous high quality pictures of very beautiful fake handbags that look incredibly authentic, I ask myself “Why are replica handbags so Cheap?” If these are so gorgeous and have such an original appearance then what is the difference? What are the differences in terms of price and quality that set apart an imitation purse from the real product?

Well, the price of any product is influenced by the materials used and by the complexity of the work needed for making it. Most luxury designers prefer to manufacture their purses from very rare materials such as snake skin, crocodile leather or even fur and decorate them with gold, silver, gems, bamboo or other unusual materials. The more expensive and rare these fabrics are the more exclusivist and sought after the bag is.


A replica handbag will never be made from such materials. Most of them are crafted from faux leather and have that cheap shine and feeling.

Another thing is that fake bags are made in sweatshops by amateurs that do not possess the necessary skills to manufacture a flawless purse. The original products are crafted by artisans that have a life time of experience in making high end bags. The majority of designers prefer their purses to be hand-made by just one craftsman. This way they are more certain about the degree of quality of that particular product.

So there you have it, the reason why replica handbags are so cheap. It is a matter of offering something that appears to have an authentic look, but it is actually of a lower quality in terms of aesthetics and materials.

Bag grade in the world


1:1, Mirror, Counter, AAA






C grade,

Material : lower PVC material,some part material will not same quality.



Handmade craft:the shoulder will be bend or wrinkle;

most style is 4 picese in a set or more pieces in a set,these design did not copy the same design as orgrinal brand,only put the brand name on bag,these style advantage is practical and price lower, it is fit for some developing country,it main market is Africa,middle east of asisa.


B grade,

Material is PU or PVC,pu and PVC difference is hand feel,PU hand feel is more soft than PVC.it is hard to see the from photo,

Some supplier use the PVC ,but they said it is PU,because they are trader,they do not know the difference of PU and PVC,



材质,主要是PVC为主,这类就是便宜价,PU 和PVC的区别,主要是手感,还有就是使用度,







材质是二层皮,这类档次价格范围是120美金到200美金,不过Facebook上面的3A则是普通的PU 货,如果价格低于30的,肯定是PVC材质,